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language school Kolin, Prague, Kutna Hora - English

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I have been teaching English since 1999. I have experience with individual and group company courses, public courses and teaching English at lower-secondary schools.

I am a member of ATECR (Association of English teachers in the Czech Republic) and I also regularly take part in international conferences focusing on language teaching.

An objective of mine is to provide language education on the top professional level so that my students would master the language for practical purposes.

I concentrate on general English as well as preparations for the Cambridge ESOL exams - KET, PET, FCE. My courses are always tailor made - to fit clients' requirements. I teach practically all levels from the very beginners to advanced students.

To my clients I am pleased to offer:

  • Adequate qualification and appropriate knowledge of the subject field
  • Being up-to -date with the new trends
  • Progressive communicative methods
  • Time flexibility
  • Teaching at client's premises

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